About Beautiful Image

Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting provides a natural way to address the signs of aging by focusing on the basic causes of aging by revving up circulation, increasing cellular energy which ignites stimulation of collagen and elastic, while providing re-education and firming of the muscles and the skin.  “Turning Back Time” for your clients is easy with Beautiful Image’s ‘true Microcurrent’ three phase technology facial sculpting treatment.

Since our first machine was introduced in 1976, it remains of the utmost importance to us to provide you and your clients with a way to look and feel their best that is uncomplicated to learn and to administer, is convenient to use and to store and is very easy to market because of our “results after the very first treatment” standard of excellence.  Quickly becoming a most sought after non-surgical treatment for anti-aging, Beautiful Image LLC has become the leader in Microcurrent technology for facial treatments.

Proudly manufactured in the United States for nearly 40 years with the highest standards for safety, as well as proven results, as of January 1, 2015, Beautiful Image is the ONLY Microcurrent equipment that is FDA Cleared Class II and Approved for Professional Aesthetics for non-surgical Microcurrent facial sculpting use.

Keeping up to date on the latest technologies in Microcurrent is extremely important to us. It is just as important to us in building a long term business relationship with you, which is why we provide a complete solution that is guaranteed to grow your business.  With a two (2) year warranty, a 90 day return on investment guarantee along with our unmatched comprehensive training and on-going support adding this powerful anti-aging treatment to your business keeps your clients coming back month after month.

We never settle for anything less when it comes to providing you with the best in our equipment, products and services and neither should you when it comes to choosing and providing Microcurrent non-surgical treatments for your clients.  We have no doubt that offering Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting will stimulate your business!

Allow us the opportunity to answer all of your questions and to show you exactly why Beautiful Image has been the choice for thousands and thousands of salons, spas, wellness centers and medical spa clients over the past 40 years.